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Sexing Technology misconceptions, myths & facts

  • A bull produces more heifers or more bulls.
    False. That might be the case at home, but the percentage of bull sperm and heifer semen contained in a bull’s ejaculate never varies much more than 50/50.
  •  The sexing technology is not proven.
    False. Dairy producers worldwide use millions of units of sexed semen annually including dairy farmers in East and Southern Africa.
  •  Every bull’s semen can be sexed.
    False. Most can, but a few cannot due to inherent abnormalities in the sperm cells.
  •  Inherent conception rates associated with sexed semen are static.
    False. Conception rates with sexed semen are increasing through more effective management and technique, and also through indirect selection for bulls with higher quality semen
  •  Male sperm cells swim  faster than the female sperm cells.
    False. Not scientifically proven

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