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About Us

About Us


Your trusted animal breeding partner.

African Breeders Services Total Cattle Management Limited (ABSTCM LTD) provides quality genetics and related products to farmers in Sub Saharan Africa.

ABSTCM Ltd maintains fully staffed facilities for genetics distribution, liquid nitrogen production and feed analysis laboratory, all backed up with competent teams of milk quality service and nutrition consultants throughout Africa.

AI Services

Animal Health, Milk Quality & Nutrition

Genomic Analysis

Equipment & Supplies

From this base of excellence, ABS TCM Ltd expands the adoption of dairy productivity-enhancing technologies; enhances viable business linkages throughout the dairy value chains, from small farmer to end-consumer – including producer and marketing associations; and promotes domestic, regional, and international trade in dairy products. This is accomplished through a market development approach that supports appropriate roles of the public and private sectors in the dairy sector, facilitates the commercial provision of dairy-related business services and advocates for policy, regulatory and legal reforms that heighten performance in the sector.

ABSTCM utilizes and strengthens the local provision of support services and encourages the service providers to adapt to the needs of smallholder dairy farmers. Effective technical assistance is provided to sustainability-oriented organizations and other commercially-oriented actors (e.g. Agro-veterinary shops, milk cooling hubs, artificial inseminators, milk processors, trainers, etc) to build their capacity and to encourage a vibrant, competitive and sustainable dairy sector service industry.

Why Choose Us?

Our 20 years
experience in Animal Management

We have achieved a variety of milestones in our service for better animal breeding, health and productivity. Our skill level across the different animal services segments is incomparably high.

Breeding 99%
Milk Quality 99%
Animal Health 98%