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Milk Analysis Equipment

Milk Analysis Equipment

The LactiCheck Milk Analyzers provide a rapid, real-time and reliable profile of milk composition (fat, solids, density, added water, lactose and protein) in just seconds. Robust and affordable, the LactiCheck integrates easily at any point in the dairy supply chain, from cow to customer. Easily accessible, the digitized records provide the essential tools you need as appropriate to your requirements (raw milk, heat treated milk, homogenized milk, high-fat products, cheese and yogurt recipes).


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LactiCheck™ -02 RapiRead

Dual Cow Channels or Cow/Goat – Most Versatile!
A practical, reliable and affordable alternative to previously available options for milk composition testing, the rapid (40 second test time), real-time, reliable results and straight-forward simplicity bring the benefits of state-of-the-art technology to you today!  Robust and impressively precise, the LactiCheck LC-02/RR can be integrated at any point throughout the Processing Plant, from Milk Reception to Production to final QC/QA.

Affordable Approach to Real-Time Results
A practical alternative to previous options for milk composition testing, the straightforward simplicity,
affordability and reliability of the LactiCheck brings the benefits of current technology to you today!

Artisanal Cheese Makers: Many cheese makers had to rely exclusively upon costly tests and experienced delays in results by sending samples to independent laboratories. Now real-time results are achievable on-site.

Dairy Processors: The move from bench chemistry to automation has been outside of the budget of many small and mid-sized dairy processors. Costs of equipment, maintenance and training have been high – but today there is an affordable alternative.

Large Dairy Processors: The LactiCheck is a cost-effective back-up to fully automated infrared systems and can easily be integrated into satellite positions (milk receiving, production, etc.). The LactiCheck is also a cost-effective solution to take the pressure off the central laboratory at a dairy plant – many of our customers have a LactiCheck on the production floor to test the change over of products or confirm completion of cleaning/maintenance.

The LactiCheck LC-02 RapiRead™ is shipped complete with:

  • Sample Cups
  • Cleaning Solvent Concentrate
  • Cleaning Sheet (Laminated) and Manual Pump
  • LactiCAL™-2 & LactiCAL™-3 Calibration Controls
  • Power Cord
  • User’s Manual
Technical Information:

LactiCheck™ -02 RapiRead

40 second readout with extended Fat range (14% fat). For both raw and processed cow (or goat) milk.
Fat: from 0.3% to 9% with accuracy ± 0.06%
from 9 to 14% with accuracy ± 0.1%
Solids Nor Fat (SNF): from 6% to 12% with accuracy ± 0.1%
Milk density: 1.0260g/cm2 to 1.0330 g/cm3 ± 0.0005 g/cm3
Protein: from 2% to 5% with accuracy ± 0.1%
Added water to milk: from 0% to 60% with accuracy ± 3%
Lactose: from 3% to 7% with accuracy ± 0.2%
Operates with 90 to 260 VAC or with 13VDC

LactiCheck™ LC-3X

Three channel composition analyzer for all your testing needs!

Tech Tool that Delivers Real Time Results!

Testing skim milk, various processed milks (1%, 2%, whole), full fat products (coffee creamer/half & half and cream) and raw milk the LC 3X delivers accurate, reliable results in just one minute!  Easy to use with no pipetting required, the instrument also features an audible ‘Time to Clean’ reminder  – ensuring greater compliance with standard maintenance requirements.

Easy to integrate at any point in the Plant!

Compact and simple to operate, the LactiCheck 3X can easily be integrated into milk reception (raw milk), process control (skim milk and/or cream) and final quality control.  This instrument can also provide composition results for cheese ‘recipes’ or yogurt formulations to ensure consistency and compliance with quality requirements.

Artinsanal, Boutique and Specialty Cheese Makers:  Test raw milk, cheese recipes and cream to ensure consistent quality.  Optimize Fat/Protein Ratios as appropriate.

Dairy Processors:  Use at satellite locations like milk reception to take pressure off the central lab.  Integrate into your system as a back-up to more automated composition analyzers to reduce down-time during regular maintenance, re-calibration or training on your MIR, FTIR or NIR instruments.

Farmstead Processing:  Confirm compliance with labeling requirements for bottled milk (skim, reduced fat, etc.) while checking correct separation functionality of cream separators.  Enhance herd management for optimizing feed formulations, calf replacement formulae and herd heath.

Yogurt Makers:  Know that the milk coming in meets your standards.  Check yogurt ‘recipes’ to ensure that the mixture is consistent so that quality is reliable.

The LactiCheck LC-3X is shipped complete with:

  • Sample Vals
  • Cleaning Solvent Concentrate and Protein Cleaner
  • Cleaning Sheet with SoP (Laminated) and Manual Pump
  • LactiCAL-1 and LactiCAL-3 Calibration Controls
  • Power Cord, Waste Hose and Waste Container
  • Comprehensive User’s Guide


Technical Information:

Measuring Parameters

Channel 1: Raw Milk Channel 2: Full Fat Processed Milk Channel 3: Low Fat Processed Milk
Fat 2.0 to 8% (+/- 0.08%) 4.0 – 12% (+/- 0.08%) 0.2 – 4.0% (+/- 0.06%)
SNF 3.0 to 15% (+/- 0.15%) 3.0 to 15% (+/- 0.15%) 3.0 to 15% (+/- 0.15%)
Protein 2.0 to 7% (+/- 0.15%) 2.0 to 7% (+/- 0.15%) 2.0 to 7% (+/- 0.15%)
Lactose 2.0 to 7% (+/- 0.15%) 2.0 to 7% (+/- 0.15%) 2.0 to 7% (+/- 0.15%)
Total Solids 2.0 to 25% (+/- 0.18%) 2.0 to 25% (+/- 0.18%) 2.0 to 25% (+/- 0.18%)
Density 1.0150 to 1.0400 (+/- 0.0005%) 1.0150 to 1.0400 (+/- 0.0005%) 1.0150 to 1.0400 (+/- 0.0005%)
Added Water 0 to 70% (+/-3%) 0 to 70% (+/-3%) 0 to 70% (+/-3%)
Salts 0.4 – 4.0% (+/- 0.05%) 0.4 – 4.0% (+/- 0.05%) 0.4 – 4.0% (+/- 0.05%)

Electrical Parameters:

AC Power Supply Voltage 90 – 265VAC
Power Consumption <30 W


Ambient Air Temperature 10 – 35° C
Sample Temperature 15 – 30° C
Humidity 30 – 80% Relative Humidity

Technical Data:

Test Time ~1 minute
Dimensions (W x H x D) 11 x 24 x 26 cm (4.3 x 9.5 x 10.2 inches)
Shipping Dimensions 35 x 43 x 43 cm (14 x 17 x 17 inches)
Net Weight 3.0 kg (6.6 lb)
Gross Weight 7 kg (15.5 lb)
Sample Volume < 15 ml
Start-Up Time < 5 minutes

LactiCheck Mini

The compact LactiCheck Mini Milk Analyzer provides a complete raw milk composition profile, including 10 parameters (including an optional pH measurement), in about 60 seconds!

Robust and reliable, the LC-Mini offers three separate channels for testing cow, sheep and goat milk.

The peristaltic pump and the unique flow-thru design facilitate high accuracy in results and greater automation in cleaning!

A built-in alarm, including acoustic and visual prompts, reminds the operator of cleaning requirements.

RS-232 output to PC or Printer.

Ideal for farm level testing.

For farm benefits using milk composition testing on farm level, please download our Farm Benefits information sheet.

Technical Information:

LactiCheck™ Mini Raw Milk Analyzer.

Measuring Parameters:
Fat: Cow Milk: …………………0.5 – 10% (±0.1%)
Sheep Milk: …………………………………. 0.5 – 10%
Goat Milk: ………………………………… 0.5—10%
Solids Not Fat (SNF): …………….. 3 -15% (±0.15%)
Density: …………. 1.0150-1.0400 g/cm3(±0.0005)
Lactose: …………………………….1.0 -12% (±0.2%)
Protein: ………………………………….2 – 7% (±0.15%)
Added Water in Milk: ……………….1 – 70% (± 3%)
Freezing Point:……………………….0.3°C to –0.7°C
Measuring Cycle: …………………….. ~ 60 seconds
Expected life span: …..…………….. 10 – 15000 Tests