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Udder Quality

Udder Quality

The XT 22C Teat Dip provides assurance to dairy producers who require best-in-class mastitis protection and skin conditioning. It combines a two-part germicidal system for prolonged protection against pathogens with advanced skin conditioning to repair and maintain healthy teats year round. It’s the ideal solution for dairy producers looking to reduce both mastitis and hyperkeratosis (skin-thickening).

• Highly concentrated formula provides a cost effective post-dip solution.

• Can be used as a spray, dip or foam.

• Premium emollient system that contains Lanolin, Glycerin, and Propylene

Glycol for ideal post-milking skin conditioning.

• Solution remains active, with high levels of Chlorine Dioxide, for up to 5 days.

• Mix ratio is 1:1:18 (1 Part A, 1 Part B and 18 parts water).

• Premium green marking.

PortaSCC Milk Test and Quick Test

The PortaSCC milk test  is a somatic cell count test for on-farm detection of subclinical mastitis in cows.
  •  Available in 3 sizes (24, 100 and 500 test kits)
  • 45 minute reaction time
  • Used with a color chart.
The PortaSCC Quick test is based on the same technology as the original test, but it has a faster reaction time of 5-6 minutes.
  •  Available in 40 test kits.
  • 5 minute reaction time.
  • Used with a color chart.
  • Not for use with high fat milk.
Milk Quality Brochure
PortaSCC 24 test kit
PortaSCC 100 test kit
PortaSCC 500 test kit

12 pouches w/ two tests each,

5 pipettes, activator solution,

blanking strip and instructions

50 pouches w/ two tests each,

20pipettes, activator solution,

blanking strip and instructions

10 pouches w/ fifty tests each,

100 pipettes, activator solution,

blanking strip and instructions

PortaSCC Flyer
PortaSCC Milk Test FAQs
PortaSCC Milk Test Instructions
PortaSCC Quick test 40 test kit

20 pouches w/ two tests each,

10 pipettes, activator solution, and instructions

PortaSCC Quick Test Instructions

UdderCheck Mastitis Test Kit

UdderCheck mastitis test kit

UdderCheck mastitis test measures Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH), an enzyme present in milk when cells are damaged during an udder infection. LDH is correlated to SCC, but is not as easily affected by other conditions such as stress, nutrition, parity, stage of lactation, etc. LDH levels often rise earlier than somatic cell counts, making it an excellent marker for early detection of udder infections.

  • Rapid 2 minute test for LDH in milk – Severe infections will cause a color change within a minute.

  • Stable for 24 months at 2°C – 25°C (36°F – 77°F)  in portable easy-to-open desiccant vial.

  • Cow-side test – User can squirt right onto test strip to check individual quarters or dip test strip into composite samples taken cow-side or in-line.

UdderCheck FAQs
UdderCheck Instructions
UdderCheck Flyer
The PortaBHB milk ketone test is a semi-quantitative dipstick for the detection of sub-clinical ketosis in dairy cows.
  • 1 minute reaction time
  • 2 year shelf life when stored at room temperature.
  • Cow-side test. Squirt milk onto test strip and read results.
PortaBHB Instructions
PortaBHB 25 ketone test kit for cows

Ketosis in dairy cows is a serious problem. Check out this video to learn more.

PortaBHB 100 ketone test kit for cows
Monitoring Sub-Clinical Ketosis